• Photo of Calf Exercises

    Calf Exercises

    Calf Exercises There are two calf muscles, gastroknemius and soleus, located at the back of the lower leg between the…

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  • Photo of Weight Training

    Weight Training

    Weight Training Integrating strength training into your fitness routine does not mean saying goodbye to your preferred workout completely. Simply…

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  • Photo of Bodyweight Exercises

    Bodyweight Exercises

    Bodyweight Exercises   You may be able to improve your stability and lay the foundations for a correct shape as…

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  • Photo of Back Exercises

    Back Exercises

    Back Exercises When thinking about a lower back workout, consider a variety of exercises such as squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, and…

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  • Photo of Home Workoutsa

    Home Workoutsa

    Home Workoutsa Home workouts can really make sure every workout counts, but do you want something that keeps you active…

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  • Photo of Arm Workouts

    Arm Workouts

    Arm Workouts What it takes to get super strong arms is more than resistance bands on biceps, triceps, and shoulders.…

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  • Photo of Leg Workout

    Leg Workout

    Leg Workout   As a New York fitness pro, I’ve put together a three-leg workout plan that you can do…

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  • Photo of Shoulder Workouts

    Shoulder Workouts

    Shoulder Workouts   To increase shoulder size, focus on the deltas and practice the full range of exercises. Keep movements…

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  • Photo of Low Carb Diet

    Low Carb Diet

    Low Carb Diet The ketogenic diet, or keto diet, is a special type of low-carb diet that focuses on a…

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